Explore bold and beautiful flavours designed to elevate your wellness journey. Discover luxury in every disc on your pursuit to a stronger, healthier you. The ultimate in personalization.

Your choice of 4 different Tea by iLOLA flavours.

12 Tea Discs of each flavour.
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Black Tea
Green Tea
Oolong Tea
White Tea
Herbal Tea
Functional Tea
Total: $120.00

Demystifying Loose Leaf

Tea by iLOLA has been conveniently packaged into Tea Discs™. You can now enjoy the quality, beauty and elegance of loose leaf tea without the bag.

This environmentally sustainable product will revolutionize your daily tea traditions.

Pioneering Wellness

iLOLA is passionate about utilizing natural ingredients and extracting powerful properties from each plant.

Every blend has been purposely formulated with the goal of achieving equilibrium in your body.

Want More Wellness Tips

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